In order to simplify its rich range, Lexus announced to our colleagues at Automotive News that it wanted to do a bit of cleaning. Thus, three models will leave the catalog in the coming weeks.

Unlike Nissan, Toyota has not yet made the choice to withdraw its 'luxury' label from Europe. Thus, the Infiniti left the Old Continent some time ago now, but the Lexus, they still drive there. But with 9 models in its catalog, the Japanese is not quite in line with its status in France, where it sold just 7,000 cars in 2019. As might be expected, Lexus will therefore downsize a bit in the coming months.. The victims of this rationalization have been communicated to our colleagues at Automotive News Europe, who indeed report that the compact CT, the small IS sedan and the RC coupe will soon be packing their bags. Information that has already been known since the restyled IS was forbidden to put its wheels in France.

End of stocks

Between them, the deleted models only won over 691 customers in the first nine months of 2020. This is almost 5 times less than the other trio of much more fashionable SUVs: UX, NX and RX (7,000 models). As an access model, the disappearance of the CT, 3rd best seller in France in 2020 (406 ex.), May be surprising, but compared to other compacts, the Lexus is simply non-existent in Europe. On the other hand, we can be a little more surprised by the subsistence on our market of the large LS, which undoubtedly owes its survival to its status as standard bearer. Regarding models to be phased out, Lexus is simply planning to sell off current stocks, without restocking.

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