the last show of the season

On a staging by Jean Lucas, The kitchen is an all-public clownish show, burlesque theater and object manipulation.

The story: one is the sadistic boss, terrifying tyrant who likes to be obeyed at the slightest frown. The other is the good-for-nothing, scapegoat and designated victim of this chef who looks like a mad scientist. From whipping to stabbing, a cooking recipe that is a priori innocuous is going to make the sauce go up: the mustard goes up in their noses, and the situation turns sour.

A rhythmic and essentially visual show that will make young and old laugh The kitchen revisits the classic report of the duo of clowns, all treated in a burlesque way.

Sunday, November 17, at 4 pm, in the Galatea area. From 4 years old. Rates: € 7; € 3.50 for children under 15 years old. Reservation required, tel. 02 99 57 32 57.

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- the last show of the season

Guichen. The kitchen: the last show of the

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