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What is the most beautiful supercar of all time? For sure, the Lamborghini Countach is not one of the most efficient or the easiest to drive. The big Italian sports car brings with it a reputation as an inevitable machine that is impossible to use in everyday life. But in terms of ramage, it still has a say today against the craziest machines in the history of the automobile.

She also wears two faces, this Countach. First refined when it was released in the mid-70s, then completely caricatured the following decade with the arrival of versions all more aggressive than each other.

5000 QV

This red copy for sale on Bring a Trailer is one of the latest versions of the Countach, those who preferred to be utterly provocative. It is a 5000 QV from 1988, equipped with the 5.2 liter atmospheric V12 brought to 420 horsepower. It has a fixed spoiler at the rear, but also NACA air intakes on the side and large air vents above the rear wheels. His price ? $ 141,000 so far, but the auction is still ongoing.

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