The Korean vessel of Louis Vuitton – Le Figaro

After the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, Frank Gehry signs a flagship for Louis Vuitton in Seoul. Consistent continuation of the fruitful meeting between a visionary boss, Bernard Arnault, and the star architect.

- The Korean vessel of Louis Vuitton - Le Figaro
The Louis Vuitton House Seoul designed by Frank Gehry is located in Gangnam-gu. Yongjoon Choi

In the luxurious district of Gangnam-gu, in the heart of this metropolis that generates more than half of South Korea's GDP, Louis Vuitton unveiled last week its first "home" (and 14th store in Seoul). The crowd of fans of the brand, its muses and influencers ultralookés rushes, in the measured effervescence that suits here.

Designed by Frank Gehry, who signs his first project on the floor where his daughter-in-law was born, this new building is a feat in itself. Limited to 25 meters in height (like its neighbors who surround it), all in volutes of polished glass and white steel, it unfolds in waves, seems to move and seduced by its interior volumes on a human scale, signed Peter Marino : a thousand square meters fun and attractive, echoing the style of bags, shoes, perfumes, clothing, watches, jewelry and other "nomadic objects" decidedly graphic and uninhibited which this local clientele loves.

The interior design has been entrusted to Peter Marino. Yongjoon Choi

On the top floor, softened by the milky glass panels that make up this dome tutelage clouds, the light of day floods the space. The only one that is not dedicated to sales and whose vocation is to host temporary exhibitions – like the other 25 "homes" LV already existing in the world. Dear in the heart of the president of LVMH, came specially to inaugurate the site with two of his sons, a dozen works of Giacometti (from the fund of the Louis Vuitton Foundation), including two tall bronze silhouettes ever capsizing, open the march – they will remain visible, with a rare proximity, these next three months. The swaying appearance of the always agile architect marks the minds as much. His unfeigned complicity with Bernard Arnault too. At the age of 90, this prolific genius who imagined himself as a dancer confides, with the mischief of a child who has life before him, that a new project (in France), born of a recent common dream, will be more surprising, more improbable than all the previous ones. And that seems to give him wings. To be continued…

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