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A new concept in honor of theiPhone 12 just appeared on the Enoylity Technology YouTube channel. Having been designed in collaboration with the brilliant designer Hasan Kaymak, this imaginary smartphone inspired by the rumors has something to impress us.

The iPhone 2020 should bring a major update in design. It is rumored for some time on the Web that the range would abandon the rounded side of the iPhone X to adopt a more angular form factor like that of the iPhone 4. Many are also those who consider the latter as the more beautiful iPhone. Now, thanks to a new video concept, we can get an idea of ​​what the iPhone 12 could look like with its flat edges.

iphone 12 concept 640x466 - The iPhone 12 is paying a new concept, while modularity - FREDZONE

An iPhone 12 concept with acid colors (YouTube capture)

Recently, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone 12 will focus on the camera, design and support of 5G. All these indices have obviously been taken into account by Hasan Kaymak and Enoylity Technology.

A quadruple dorsal photo module

As we can see, this iPhone 12 Pro Max concept puts forward a quadruple back-up photo module. In addition to the three sensors arranged in a triangle like those of the iPhone 11 Pro, there is talk of a fourth camera that is apparently smaller. Reports suggest that Apple plans to equip its iPhone 12 with a D ToF sensor. The designers have not integrated this additional lens by chance, especially since 3D cameras are supposed to strengthen AR capabilities.

The concept also hints at a full-screen, non-notch design, although Apple is unlikely to be able to break out of this element that has been made popular by the iPhone X from next year.

Miniaturizing or hiding a front camera is not easy, but doing the same with the multiple sensors used by Face ID is almost impossible.

As if that was not enough, it is about a battery of 6000 mAh!

An Apple A14 Bionic processor

After integrating the Apple A13 Bionic to the iPhone 11 lineup, Apple will naturally opt for the Apple A14 Bionic and a more powerful GPU to accompany the iPhone 12. The concept thus emphasizes the integration of these components top of range.

We will also highlight the storage capacity of 1 TB and the RAM of 8 GB.

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