The inventor of the iPhone calls to turn against his own creation

Mary Shelley couldn't have asked for better as a state-of-the-art allegory for her famous novel Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus. Interviewed on the show Correspondenton the place that smartphones take in the daily life of men, the inventor of the iPhone, Tony Fadell, calls for turning against his own creation and regaining control. An admission of failure for the one who is at the origin of the design of the device which revolutionized the genre and which still sells tens of millions of copies around the world.

“Sometimes I wake up saying to myself that I want the iPhone to be used well, and not for it to destroy families, or all of society, even. People must take back control! We must fight together to fight the beast ”, confides this American now living in Paris who is also known to be the father of the iPod. He says his wife regularly accuses him of being solely responsible when their children can't take their eyes off the screen. " It is your fault ! », She asks him.

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"It changed our interactions at Apple"

This computer scientist, whose brain has imagined no less than 18 generations of iPods and three iPhones, did not expect Apple's flagship product to have such an impact on everyday life. “When we tested the first iPhone, it was easy to surf the Net. Immediately, it changed our interactions at Apple. I did not imagine that it would change our habits so quickly ”, he assures to France 2.

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In 2010, at the time of the explosion of applications, Tony Fadell began to distance himself from the iPhone. “People were spending their time looking at their screens while we were talking! That's when I realized with the arrival of apps, notifications that were starting to appear, that if I wanted to talk to people, I had to keep him at a distance, ”he says. 2010 is also the moment that Tony Fadell will choose to leave the ranks of Apple for good. A departure which today allows this freedom of tone.

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