The Huawei P50 will indeed be the first smartphone to be sold directly under HarmonyOS rather than Android. A tipster says in fact that the build of HarmonyOS for the smartphone is the first to go into beta 3. The new operating system is in fact a fork of the Android project.

huawei p50 hoiindi via twitter - The Huawei P50 will be the first smartphone on the market under HarmonyOS - PhonAndroid
Credits: @Hoiindi via Twitter

A tipster’s Weibo account leaked an important piece of information: the build of HarmonyOS for the Huawei P50 goes from beta 2 to beta 3, or a hair’s breadth away from the final version. Everything indicates that the Huawei P50 will be the brand’s first smartphone to be directly sold under HarmonyOS. The info is not in itself a surprise.

The firm has recently made it possible to test the new operating system on a handful of high-end smartphones. But we had expected for months that the manufacturer really launches the operating system with the release of one of its best flagship. However, it is not yet clear whether the Huawei P50 with HarmonyOS will really be offered everywhere, or if users will be able to choose internationally.

Unsurprisingly, the P50 will be the smartphone that will inaugurate HarmonyOS

The brand must also offer the migration to HarmonyOS on other recent smartphones such as the P40. The start of this migration could take place around April, with the ambitious objective of see HarmonyOS installed on 300 to 400 million devices by the end of 2021 – smartwatches, smart TV and connected accessories included.

In the facts, this migration will not be a real revolution for the user, At least for now. HarmonyOS is actually largely a fork of the official Android project with which it shares much of the code. So much so that HarmonyOS can launch Android apps. The only real difference is the total absence of US licensed code.

Huawei also had to add its alternatives to Google applications and services, including AppGallery to replace the Play Store, Petal Maps to replace Google Maps, Petal Search to replace Google Search or even Petal Docs to replace Google Docs.

Moreover, we note that other applications are arriving, in particular Petal Assistant which we imagine to be an alternative to Google Assistant, Petal Keyboard, an alternative to GBoard and Petal Vision which appears to be an augmented reality application.

Source: GSMArena