The ex-subsidiary of Huawei has just teaser its Honor 50, but there is an air of resemblance to a certain Huawei P50 …

Honor may have detached itself from Huawei at the end of last year, the two brands seem closer than they suggest. You only have to look at smartphones from both brands to realize the similarity. We have a new example with the Honor 50, which looks like two drops of water to a smartphone in preparation at Huawei, at least to what we have been given to see, the Huawei P50.

The Honor 50 takes the look of the Huawei P50

Freshly unveiled on Weibo and then relayed on Twitter, the Honor 50 incorporates one of the visual characteristics of the future Huawei P50: its two huge circles on the back. It may seem surprising that Honor uses this design, which has been widely mocked by Internet users during previous Huawei P50 leaks.

According to The Verge, this design could actually have been conceived when the brand had not yet taken off, which would explain the striking resemblance between these two twins. The resemblance ends there. On the Honor 50, we can distinguish a large photo sensor in the top circle, and three small ones on the bottom one, the exact opposite of the Huawei P50.

Huawei p50
The Huawei P50
Credit: Huawei

Otherwise, it should be a great proposition at a lower price than Huawei’s future flagship. We would find a Snapdragon 778G, a curved screen, and, of course, Google services, unlike Huawei devices. Recharging at 100W and four colors – black, silver, pink and green – would be there. Finally, this smartphone should be available in three models: a standard version, a Pro version and a Pro + model.

For now, it is still only a teasing. Honor will officially present its new flagship on June 16 at a conference given from China.

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