The Good End: 5 tips to get the cheapest hotels

The Good End is not only the best opportunity to buy products or hire services at lower prices, with special discounts or months without interest, it is also a good time to plan a trip and buy cheaper flights than normal.

If in your case you are planning to take a vacation and you have already chosen the destination but still do not have where to stay, we give you 5 tips to find cheap hotels during the Good End days. Remember that paying more does not always mean that where you are going staying is the best, so follow these 5 tips.

Traveling during the week can save you some money. Photo: Reforma

1. Choose low season to travel

This is one of the most important tips, always traveling on dates where the occupancy season is usually lower can help you find lower prices in hotels, in the same way you can run into special promotions since what they seek is to attract more people to your facilities.

In general, the high seasons where people usually make more trips are in the summer holidays, from June to August; and in winter, from December to January, although it still depends a lot on the place where you are going to travel and the weather at that time.

2. Avoid holidays

Before planning a trip, check if your dates do not coincide with a public holiday since it is generally when hotels tend to have more occupancy and prices are higher. Similarly, long weekends are often in high demand, so avoiding those days can help you save some money when making your reservation.

3. Make your reservation in advance

If it is possible for you, choose the hotel you want to arrive at and make your reservation months in advance, since even if it is high season, just by doing it well in advance, it could save you some money.

During the Good End days it is very possible that you will find lower prices and special offers, if you can do it, book your stay now to take advantage of these promotions.

4. Travel during the week

Most people usually travel from Thursday to Sunday, if you are planning your trip it is best to do it from Sunday to Wednesday since those days are low occupancy and hotels have cheaper prices.

Take the test by checking the prices for booking on the weekend and then change the date to a day from Sunday to Wednesday, you may run into lower costs for just making a change of day.

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