A thousand recognizable style, dimensions … er, how to put it … comfortable, a lounge that rolls as easily through the chic avenues of the capital as in the mud. You will have recognized it, it is the Range Rover. Presented in the summer of 2012 and marketed at the beginning of the following year, the flagship of the British manufacturer is no longer very young. This is why it will be replaced later this year by a brand new model … which will not necessarily look, new. Our spy photographers surprised him once again, this time in plug-in hybrid version. Even if it is still quite largely camouflaged, it is clear that in terms of style, the Range should remain true to itself …

Not a restyling

Even if one might be tempted to think the opposite by putting the 2012 and 2021 generations of the Range side by side, Land Rover has started from scratch to design the new one. So we find this same profile, a flat roof, a rear part still as massive. In profile, we notice that the shape of the front part is more or less the same. Slightly rounded towards the front, it contrasts with the flat hood, like the roof, and perfectly parallel to the ground. Further discovery, we notice that the grille is still as wide. The Range will nevertheless be distinguished from the current one by its Velar style retractable door handles. We should also find elements of the latter in the design of the Range.

Full of electrified engines

Technically, it won’t have much to do with the old one either. Since he will adopt a brand new platform called MLA (for Modular Longitudinal Architecture) that it will share with the Range Rover Sport. And which the Jaguar XJ limousine should have taken advantage of, had it not been decided to abandon the project in the meantime.

Thanks to this new architecture on which it will be based, the Range 2021 will be available for the very first time in its history in 100% electric version. But it will not be before 2022. For the rest, we can expect the rest of the powertrains to be all hybrids, so that everyone can scavenge a few precious grams of CO2. In addition to the plug-in hybrid, as on the model still in the catalog, the other engines are equipped at least with a light hybridization system. The six cylinders in line diesel and gasoline should be renewed. At the top of the range, a BMW 4.4 V8 is expected to replace the gasoline-powered 5.0 V8.

An extended version will be offered again. Inside, he will give in to digital sirens and will adopt digital instrumentation. What to face a competition now formidable. Since, if only in his native country, the Aston Martin DBX and Bentley Bentayga have decided to make life difficult for him. We will know more in the months that follow.