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For the first time, Dyson creator and CEO, James Dyson, unveils a snapshot of what should have been the first electric car in its group. A half a billion pound sterling project forgotten.

N526, that was the internal code name for the electric vehicle project developed by Dyson, the vacuum specialist. For the first time, the tycoon revealed in an interview with the British daily Sunday Times (paid article), together with the ranking of the richest people from across the Channel, the technical and financial background of the car. The article is accompanied by a snapshot of the only electric vehicle supposed to come to the Tesla Model X.

This project, costing 500 million pounds sterling (560 million euros), involved an SUV – what an imagination… – 5 m long, 2 m wide and 1.7 m high, able to accommodate up to with seven passengers, like the Tesla Model X.

Weighing 2.6 t, this electric SUV, whose revealed lines are a mixture of Range-Rover Evoque and Velar, incorporated two electric motors developing almost 530 hp (torque of 650 Nm) for a maximum speed of 200 km / h. As for autonomy, it would have been a question of 965 km on a single charge.

The adventure takes off from an aerodrome

It all started in 2017 when we learned that James Dyson, helped by 600 employees, was working on an electric vehicle. To achieve this, the company had plans to build a 16-km test runway at the former military airfield in Hullavington (Wiltshire, England). Covering more than 2 km², the site was acquired in 2016 by Dyson in order to establish an R&D center dedicated to the electric vehicle project.

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In 2018, Dyson decided to set up a factory in the city-state of Singapore, where future electric vehicles were to leave production lines from 2021. In 2019, Brexit forces, James Dyson announced the relocation of the head office to Singapore .

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In October 2019, patatras: James Dyson declared that he would end his electric vehicle project, while committing to repay the subsidies (20 million euros) granted by the British government. In total, James Dyson – voted Britain's richest person – will have spent £ 500 million (around £ 500 million) from his personal fortune.

James Dyson is not a Geo Finder who lets himself down. During a visit to Paris in October 2018, he had made a premonitory statement: “If the electric car fails, we will survive! As long as people keep buying our vacuum cleaners. ”

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It was important for Dyson not to stay on a second failure after his washing machine. Although aborted, this electric vehicle project will thus help the air giant for the development of batteries with electrodes and solid electrolytes via Sakti3. Acquired in March 2015, this American company specializes in batteries.

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