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The world has one more V8 superlimo, and that in itself is great news. If it's a Bentley on top of that … The Flying Spur V8 packs 550 hp and promises to think of its driver first. Your driver will be able to take a vacation …

After extremely extensive scientific research, the brand indeed came to the conclusion that the Flying Spur customers liked to drive. The solution ? A beautiful V8 and pounds less.

This is of course still the twin-turbo 4.0 V8 which is the delight of most of the Volkswagen Group's flagships. It develops 550 hp and 770 Nm here, compared to the 635 hp and 900 Nm of the W12. This is sufficient for a 0 to 100 km / h in 4.1 s and 318 km / h in a rush (3.8 s and 333 km / h for the W12).

This "small" Flying Spur also weighs 100 kg less than its big sister – thus becoming a ballerina of barely 2.3 t – and benefits from better weight distribution, which according to Bentley allows it to gain significantly. in agility. Like the W12 version, it features the ultimate in chassis technologies from the group: three-chamber piloted air suspension, torque vectoring and, as an option, the essential 48 V active steering and anti-roll rear wheels, which already give all its salt to driving the W12.

Offered in a four- or five-seater configuration, the Flying Spur V8 is available in seven standard colors (even if anything is possible, anything is achievable, we are at Bentley) and is based on 20-inch rims as standard. It can be recognized in particular by its two double exhaust pipes.

The price difference compared to the Flying Spur W12 (€ 220,000) is not yet known, but we would be you, we would not count too much on it to compensate for the € 40,000 ecological penalty.

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