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Today, the first Range Rover produced under social distancing measures has left the production lines of the Jaguar Land Rover factory in Solihull, after the temporary cessation of production linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

Measures in favor of effective social distancing, perfect hygiene and sanitary controls have been put in place after full examination of all production chains, engineering positions, office areas and common areas, when Jaguar Land Rover begins its scheduled return to production.

The health and well-being of employees are at the center of this plan and, with the implementation of this new protocol, the personnel will notice a significant number of changes during the working day, from the moment we enter on the site.

Precautions include checking everyone's body temperature

using thermal imaging cameras, a distance of two meters between staff members wherever possible, personal protective equipment wherever this is not the case, the introduction of a traffic direction and a intensified cleaning of the workplace. In addition, Jaguar Land Rover offers each employee a reusable protective visor manufactured by the company.

Seeing the first Range Rover out of the chain today is a defining moment for all of us who work for the company, as it is for our many suppliers. This moment marks the end of our temporary immobility and signals the beginning of the return to normality. But of course, this is a very new normality.

Everyone will feel a lot of different emotions, from the concern about hygiene to the relief of going back to work and the enthusiasm of finding colleagues. The health and well-being of our employees will have been our first concern in the preparation of this event. Over the next few months, I know that as a team, we will do everything we can to "Stay safe." Be reasonable. To stay healthy.


In addition to new measures on the site, employees will be asked to take other precautions before returning to work. This includes completing a clinical questionnaire online, signing a health and well-being charter and checking your body temperature at home before each shift.

We have gone through an unprecedented period and all my thoughts go out to those affected by the Covid-19 virus, as well as to the medical personnel whose role in combating the coronavirus is admired worldwide.

The health, safety and well being of the entire Jaguar Land Rover family is our primary concern. We have implemented the most efficient protocol and established behavioral guidelines so that everyone feels reassured when they return to their work station.

Our measurements are based on a comprehensive review of our methods, from a medical and operational perspective. They include lessons learned from our teams in China and Slovakia. We are continuing to study the situation of the Covid-19 virus, following the recommendations of all the authorities concerned in each market where we operate, and we will quickly adapt them to any change in recommendation.


We are satisfied that Jaguar Land Rover has not only followed the government's recommendations but has gone further and more in depth to ensure the implementation of as many safety provisions as possible, since the minute where employees arrive at work until the minute they leave.


Production of Jaguar and Land Rover also restarted this week in Nitra (Slovakia) and Graz (Austria). Last week, the team at the Wolverhampton (UK) engine manufacturing center started manufacturing Ingenium engines to allow for a gradual return to vehicle production. Construction will resume in Halewood (UK) on June 8, with a work team to start. Small, business-critical units are busy at Castle Bromwich as Jaguar Land Rover prepares to introduce the next models.

The factory owned by the company in a joint venture in Changshu (China) has been in operation since mid-February as the sale of cars resumes there and, with the lifting of the containment, customers return to the showrooms.

As the countries authorize displacements, social distancing, and that the concessions open their doors everywhere in the world, the restarting of the production in the other factories of the group will be confirmed.

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