The Fiat Group is not happy with the results of Alfa Romeo –

Antonio Giovinazzi's new contract has been confirmed for 2020 with Alfa Romeo, a decision that has been dubbed on the side of Fiat Chrysler Autombiles (FCA), the parent company of the Italian brand.

"There was an investment made in this pilot that Alfa Romeo and the Ferrari Driver Academy wanted to confirm, in agreement with Fred Vasseur" said Cristiano Fiorio, director of communication at FCA.

For her part, Giovinazzi explains not having lived an easy season: "The first half was difficult, and in the second half, I started to progress and I can say that I did a good job, I'm proud to be able to represent those colors again."

Nevertheless, the Italian team is not satisfied with its results, explains Alberto Cavaggioni, Marketing Director of Alfa Romeo: "It's not the investments that have been bad, F1 is very competitive and there has been a lack of luck in some situations, but it's not true that the investments have been missed."

"The decline in performance is not even attributed to the departure of Simone Resta, because the program of evolutions had already been planned.The objective was to progress compared to last year and we will do it."

Nevertheless, Fiorio confirms that the operation is very good for Alfa Romeo in terms of marketing: "We are satisfied, the presence of our brand has progressed in the world, we are satisfied on the commercial side, but on the sporting side, although it is difficult to be in the top 10, we can not be satisfied last races. "

He admits that the involvement of Alfa Romeo, who is a title sponsor for Sauber, is yet to be decided for 2021 and after: "We will look at the results and decide what we will do in the future."

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