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With Roma, Ferrari returns to the GT segment "everyday". According to the manufacturer, the versatility of the coupe would be such that this new model could divert some motorists from SUV. This is what Enrico Galliera, brand marketing manager, has suggested, according to Automotive News Europe.

"The Roma are designed to attract a significant number of new customers to Ferrari, the largest group among them will be car buyers who drive luxury SUVs or sedans and have never owned a real sports car", he would have said.

A clientele to conquer

Galliera said: "Most of them do not buy a Ferrari because they do not know how fun it is to drive one, we want to reduce the barriers with a car. less intimidating. " And to add that the Roma would be thought for those who "appreciate the discretion and like to drive their car every day". This is what would have guided the design of the car, sober in comparison to the rest of the current Ferrari range. Some blame Roma lines too close to those of the last Aston Martin. Flavio Manzoni, director of design, would have detailed: "It's like a Formula 1 evening dress, the idea was to give Roma the simplest form possible."

It is not because the Roma can attract regulars SUV that Ferrari does not intend to go further to seduce them. The manufacturer is currently developing its own all-way, announced under the name Purosangue.

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