Despite a smoldering economic crisis and half-mast results in F1, Ferrari continues to sell its supercars while reassuring investors.

While the shadow of a major crisis hangs over the global economy, a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the luxury supercar market appears to be doing quite well, at least as far as certain brands are concerned.

A valuable action

This is the case of Ferrari, whose sales continue to ride their usual wave. Listed on the stock exchange in Milan but also in New York, since the brand's split from the FCA group, the Prancing Horse (code name: NYSE: RACE) still enjoys a high level of confidence among investors.

Its share value today reaches 184 dollars (156 euros). A rate considered high, although below the 193 dollars recorded by Interactive Investor in 2019.

Increased sales

The manufacturer of Maranello may be rubbing his hands at the end of a September in the green with 8.7% more sales compared to 2019, according to figures collected by the 'Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries' (FCAI) .

An increase, shared by other 'Premium' brands such as Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche, which does not, however, mask the fact that overall car sales have fallen compared to last year.

Source: Caradvice

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