The father of high-performance versions of Lexus retires –

The father of high performance versions of Lexus retires - The father of high-performance versions of Lexus retires -
2008 Lexus IS F

One of Lexus' iconic Chief Engineers and father F (high performance) versions of the Lexus brand, Yukihiko Yaguchi,to retire.

Born in 1955, Yukihiko Yaguchi retired on 1er April 2020. He joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1977 after studying mechanical engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. First responsible for the design of the electrical parts for the sixth generation Toyota Crown, he took care from 1978 of filtering noise and vibrations on this model. He continued in this field until 1995, during which time he was responsible for numerous Toyota models as well as the first and second generations of Lexus LS.

From 1995, Y. Yaguchi participated in the performance and quality control of multiple vehicles, including some sports such as the Lexus SC and the Toyota Supra. Then in 2001, he moved to the Planning division of the Lexus brand, where he was entrusted in 2003 with the development of the IS F (F for Fuji Speedway, the racing circuit in Japan).

A great lover of performance, Yaguchi San loves to drive and develop sports cars. Besides, he is still looking to build cars that he would enjoy buying and driving. This is exactly what it does with the IS F by shaking up the usual procedure: It breathes new life into the project thanks to its initiatives (installing the V8, 5 liters (Type 2UR-GSE) from the LS in a IS), its experience and its requirements in terms of vehicle performance and quality.

In 2014, he was appointed head of development and engineering for the RC F coupe, before being named chief engineer emeritus for the GS F sedan. For their development, he led a group of talented pilots within the company and develops the V8, 5 liters, which is mated to an 8-speed SPDS transmission, then by a 10-speed SPDS transmission on the formidable LC 500.

He is also responsible for the development of the IS F CCS-R, RC F GT3 and GT concept models.

Its F versions inspired the F SPORT finishes and their exclusive interior and exterior design equipment now available on the entire Lexus Hybrid range.

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