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Apple products are rarely discounted, so when that happens, the offer is often worth it. Usually at 809 euros, the very good iPhone 11 is available at 685 euros on Rakuten.

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Released last September, the iPhone 11 is a smartphone that has everything to please fans of the apple, but at 809 euros, complicated for some to crack. Fortunately, promotions are starting to appear and it is offered at 685 euros at Rakuten. At that price, it's complicated not to advise any Apple aficionado to look into this offer, despite the release of the iPhone SE 2020 at 200 euros less.

In short

  • Excellent screen, LCD
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • The Apple A13 Bionic chip, still as powerful

Apple’s iPhone 11 is available from Rakuten for 685 euros instead of 809 euros in its black color with 64 GB of internal storage.

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This offer seems unbeatable, yes, but now, a month ago, Apple released the iPhone SE 2020 at 489 euros. 200 euros separate these smartphones which share some characteristics like the super powerful A13 Bionic chip which offers unbeatable performance in the world of smartphones. But aside from that, a few improvements on the iPhone 11 make him a more than fierce competitor.

First of all on the design, where the SE offers an iPhone 8 design, this iPhone 11 remains in the line established since the iPhone X with a screen with much finer borders and this notch. This means that we are leaving TouchID, to find FaceID in order to have this design much more modern than that of the SE which was already aging in 2017.

The iPhone 11 has 4 GB of RAM against 3 for the SE. Optimization of iOS has always made RAM as something quite "secondary", but in an era where we are using more and more applications that are more and more greedy, have the most memory vivid possible is not negligible.

Where the iPhone SE has a 1821 mAh battery, the iPhone 11 goes up to 3110 for a range that we really liked during our test. Both devices are compatible with wireless charging, but are also both sold with the slow, very slow, wired charger…

The last big difference between these two smartphones is the second sensor present on the iPhone 11. This is an ultra wide angle of 12 MP, in addition to the wide angle sensor of 12 MP present on the iPhone SE 2020 also. We can regret that the second sensor is not a sensor allowing an optical zoom, we are however seduced by the integration of this one and the versatility which it offers.

For more information, check out our full review of Apple's iPhone 11.

Is the offer no longer available?

If, later on, the offer mentioned in this article is a success, please take a look at the table below to find other offers for the iPhone 11.

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