Two months after the record sale to the Chinese of the Olympic pigeon New Kim (1.6 million euros), a Belgian thriller plunges into the world of pigeon fanciers.

His face is crushed in the airbag. The Jaguar, a midnight blue Sovereign, is built into the pillars of the Pont-à-Celles exit sign. We are on the A54, direction Charleroi. Vehicles followed. Drivers alerted the emergency services. Man breathes. In a moment he will be in a coma. It is 1:30 am on the night of Pentecost Monday 2020. The injured man utters two words, “My colors”, which we will repeat to the traffic police. “My colors”. In the wallet, the CI and the driving license provide information: “Chassart, Philippe, born March 8, 1956”.

On the bench, a flyer reports on a conference which was given at 8 p.m. at the restaurant Le Cygne in Brussels, on the Grand-Place. The speaker, Philippe Chassart, famous pigeon fancier, was to explain how his sale to the Chinese of the Olympic pigeon Dona sold 2.4 million euros, even better than New Kim two months ago. A Walloon pigeon at 2.4 million euros, the absolute record …