The electric Cadillac Celestiq scheduled for 2023 will have a - The electric Cadillac Celestiq scheduled for 2023 will have a roof capable of going from opaque to transparent - Clubic
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Scheduled to enter production in 2023, the future Cadillac Celestiq, the brand’s first 100% electric car, is being developed to bring the General Motors group back to the forefront of car manufacturers.

To achieve their goals, the brand’s engineers are innovating and will offer a vehicle equipped with new futuristic technologies including a glass roof capable of changing color at the touch of a button.

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An innovation from aeronautics

Originally, the glass used for this glass roof was designed for commercial aviation to replace the blinds fitted to the passenger windows.

Called SPD-Smartglass, this technology was developed by Research Frontiers in Woodbury, New York, United States. To change the appearance of glass, the technology is based on polyiodide nanoparticles which react according to a low electrical voltage transmitted to it, making it possible to act on its color.

It has already been used on some high-end models at Mercedes-Benz such as the SLK roadster from 2011 and on the S-Class coupe in 2012. It is also found on some models from McLaren.

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Ideal for combating the heat

One of the main advantages of this glass, apart from its aesthetic appearance, is to intelligently darken the interior of the vehicle to reduce its exposure to the sun. According to the manufacturer, it reduces exterior light by up to 99.5%, but also heat by up to 95%. It can thus reduce the use of air conditioning, even during high heat.

The CEO of Research Frontier said that, according to a study by Continental Automotive, the use of this type of glass makes it possible to reduce the emission of CO2 up to 4 grams per kilometer, which can help automakers to comply with increasingly drastic European rules on polluting emissions emitted by motor vehicles.

In addition, reducing the use of air conditioning is also interesting on electric vehicles which will save a little energy from their battery to maintain a temperate interior in summer.

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