The driver endangers pedestrians: his Maserati seized –

The driver endangers pedestrians his Maserati seized - The driver endangers pedestrians: his Maserati seized


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A driver driving a Maserati was intercepted after several offenses and dangerous driving in Schaerbeek. His Italian racing car was seized administratively. He was not the first during this confinement, far from it.

The Brussels North police zone (Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse, Evere) seized the Maserati from a driver on Monday, May 18. The driver of the sports car multiplied traffic violations in a dense district of Schaerbeek. The zone therefore intercepted the driver and seized his racing car administratively. This is the 18th administrative seizure that the area has carried out for dangerous driving since November 2019.

"At around 9:30 p.m., the driver of a Maserati was driving on Rogier Avenue towards Meiser Square," reports the area. "His speed was inappropriate in a 50 zone then a 30 zone. He also crossed the solid line of a lane reserved for STIB". But that's not all: "in several places, the driver endangered pedestrians crossing the passages." The area said that "the physical integrity of road users was at risk".

The police stopped the vehicle on the Place des Bienfaiteurs in Schaerbeek. "The driver is known for serious traffic violations," said the North Zone. “A report was drawn up listing the various offenses committed by the driver. The vehicle was confiscated for a period of 5 working days ”. The seizure was confirmed by the Burgomaster of Schaerbeek Cécile Jodogne (DéFI).

Not the first during containment

This is not the first seizure made in the North zone during this confinement, which sometimes gives drivers the impression of being able to embark on Grands Prix in Brussels. Thus, in April, a driver taking himself for a rallyman with a child on board was deprived of his vehicle in Saint-Josse, like another who was rushing on avenue Louis Bertrand in Schaerbeek, "taking advantage of the empty streets". Later, in May, the North Zone ended an “urban rodeo” between drivers of several vehicles driven by very young people in the Chaussée de Haecht neighborhood.

The administrative seizure process was introduced in the area after several traffic accidents upset public opinion. The first seizure of this type dates back to November 2019. On that day, a driver was deprived of "his big sedan" when he was driving too fast near a pedestrian crossing where children were crossing.

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