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A few days (or weeks?) From the presentation of the new iPhone 12, rumors are becoming more and more insistent, and sometimes functional clones appear on the internet. The opportunity to get an idea of ​​future Apple smartphones.

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With the health crisis, Apple has fallen behind for the iPhone 12, or rather we should say for the iPhone 12 range, since no less than four models are expected. The rumor that the conference will be held on September 10 has not been confirmed, and it is likely that it will not take place next week. On the other hand, the manufacturer has indeed announced that its smartphones will be marketed later this year.

Clone or real iPhone 12?

Like every year, there's a lot of buzz around Apple’s new smartphones, and 2020 is no exception. It's even worse than usual, as the iPhone 12 is expected to bring 5G support, three screen sizes (5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches) and a new design. The video below, which tries to pass itself off as a grip on the iPhone 12 Pro, shows a bit more precisely what to expect.

Without additional context and information, it's impossible to tell if this is a genuine iPhone 12 Pro. It might as well be an Android clone (some are very well done), or even an iPhone 11 Pro with a new chassis. What we can see remains interesting: the smartphone would take the flat edges of the iPad Pro, abandoning the curved edges inherited from the iPhone 6.

However, the notch is still there. Indiscretions seemed to say that it would take up less space, but in this video anyway, it doesn't. Just as there is no question of a LiDAR: this sensor present on the 2020 iPad Pro could be reserved for the only 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. You will find everything we know about the future iPhone 12 in this folder!

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