The Corsican grocery store on rue Georges in Marseille offers us this delicious recipe, to find on its social networks and website.

4 coffees
4 eggs
15g of sugar
100g salted butter caramel syrup
500g of mascarpone
10g of sugar
250g canistrelli

It’s your turn!
Make the coffees and let them cool then separate the egg whites and yolks before putting the whites in the freezer. Blanch the egg yolks with 15g of white sugar then add the syrup, the mascarpone and mix the preparation with a whisk. Whip the egg whites with 10g of sugar and incorporate them into the appliance.

You can start your dressing: cream then canistrelli soaked in coffee then cream again, canistrelli and so on.

Let stand in the fridge for at least four hours and sprinkle with powdered chocolate before tasting

Bon Appettitu!