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For this Christmas 2019, Picard has partnered with the starry chef Hélène Darroze to imagine a log and four festive recipes. Here is one of them.

Recipe by Hélène Darroze for Picard

For 8 people
Defrosting: foie gras, morels

600 g of penne
1 lobe of Picardy duck foie gras
300 g of Picard morillles
2 dl of poultry juice
2 dl of liquid cream
Cut parsley Picard
Coarse salt
Espelette pepper

Pour 6 liters of water in a large saucepan, bring to a boil, season with coarse salt and then plunge the pinnae. Cook them "al dente" for about 6 to 7 minutes.

During the cooking of the pinnae, cut the duck foie gras in big dice wide of 3 cm. Season them, then fry them quickly in a steaming skillet, without fat, until they are well colored but still with finger pressure. Season with salt and Espelette pepper and place on absorbent paper.

Then remove excess fat from the pan, add the morels and cook until they are well colored. Season with salt and Espelette pepper and drain.

Deglaze the pan with the poultry juice, detach all the juices well and add the cream. Let reduce a few moments.

Once the pinnae are cooked, drain them and immerse them immediately in the creamed juice. Add the diced foie gras and morels. When they are hot and covered with sauce, sprinkle with parsley.

Put in a presentation dish and serve immediately.

la recette de no  l de la cheffe h  l  ne darroze 8078 - The Christmas recipe of the chef Hélène Darroze - Glamor

The log Hélène Darroze for Picard, 29,50 € for 8 people.

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