The Chopard group becomes the first Mercedes-Benz distributor in France – auto infos

Beyond the success story driven with Peugeot, Erik Chopard-Lallier brings his group to the rank of leading Mercedes-Benz distributor in France. A breakthrough that is as rapid as it has reached the perimeter of premium.

The Chopard group becomes the first Mercedes Benz distributor in France - The Chopard group becomes the first Mercedes-Benz distributor in France - auto infos
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In a post on Linkedin, the group Chopard highlights that this year it becomes the first distributor of Mercedes-Benz in France. According to our colleagues at L ’Is Republican, the group's overall figures are very solid, with a forecast of 72,000 vehicles sold this year (VN and VO). For the NV, the Chopard group is counting on 7,250 Mercedes-Benz. But also 25 196 Peugeot, 6 700 Citroën, 1,125 DS and 650 units spread over the other brands distributed by the group (smart, Kia, Opel, Alfa romeo, Jeep).
On the exercise 2020, the Chopard group intends to achieve 1.5 billion euros in turnover. It has simply tripled its financial strength in the space of five years. He also invested in spare parts platforms, with three main centers and 90,000 references in stock. Today it brings together more than 2,300 employees (2,150 in 2019) and argues for the second time obtaining the certification "Great place to work".
Remember that like the group RCM directed by Ronan Chabot, the Chopard group has also invested heavily in the industrial vehicle market, with Mercedes naturally. The reference is not accidental insofar as the two groups have some common strategy points over recent years: strong external growth, timeliness, reasoned multi-branding, substantial investments on the forward management of human ressources, etc.

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