The CEO of Mercedes-Benz is sure: “Toto Wolff will stay longer”. – F1ACTU

Toto Wolff's future still uncertain

The CEO of Mercedes Benz is sure “Toto Wolff will stay - The CEO of Mercedes-Benz is sure: “Toto Wolff will stay longer”. - F1ACTU
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Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius thinks "very sure" that the boss of the Mercedes Formula 1 team will stay longer. Indeed, Toto Wolff is linked to several other functions within Formula 1.

So there is a lot of speculation about Wolff's role at Mercedes. From 2021, he will no longer be linked to the squad unless he signs an extra time. However, the Austrian admitted that he wanted to take a step back. He is currently a 30% shareholder of the team. Toto could give way to a new team manager and take over Niki Lauda's post before his death.

He can also join another team. With such success as a team leader, he can probably go anywhere. A position with the FOM or the FIA ​​is of course also envisaged. Even if FOM doesn't seem like a wise choice, because he and Christian Horner had an argument over it.

But no matter what the media says about Wolff, Källenius assures the 48-year-old will likely stay with Mercedes. “Regarding our partnership with Toto Wolff, we work very closely together, I am sure we will continue this partnership in the future”, the Swede from Daimler told Channel4.

Earlier this week he confirmed that the Mercedes Formula 1 team will not be leaving Formula 1, in part because they continue to make money and now that the budget cap will be introduced, Formula 1 will remain. attractive.

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