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Suddenly, traveling becomes simple as hello … (Photo: Bruce Mars / Unsplash)

BLOG. Do you know Lydiane St-Onge? Or rather, do you know the one that is known under the brand "Lydiane around the world"? This Quebecker is a true globetrotter, a modern adventurer as comfortable on the Web – she is not only a blogger, but an influencer – at the bottom of the caves of the island of Santo or in the middle of the old Inca city of Machu Picchu, camera in hand.

In 2013, she gave up the start of a promising career, sold everything she owned (house, car, furniture …) and bought a plane ticket. Without knowing if she would ever set foot in Quebec. She had, she said, "need to go with the free spirit".

Since then, Lydiane keeps moving in all directions. What drives him? Discover the world, discover oneself, be constantly looking for the purest happiness possible.

With her sister Léonie, she has just co-authored a book entitled "Travel 101 – The essential guide for any traveler"(Goélette Publishing, 2019). There are a ton of practical tips to discover new horizons without suffering unfortunate disappointments (eg, falling stupidly sick because we drank tap water, being robbed of his business by a fake taxi, which has saw our name on the panel of the real taxi responsible for greeting us on arrival from the airport and who managed to be seen first, etc.). And most importantly, tips to make everyday life easier when you're abroad.

That's how I came across the book on a list that I thought could be more relevant to all those who have to make a business trip. This is indeed the list of applications used by Lydiane herself whenever she discovers a new place. Let's look at this together …

> Restore

– HappyCow – Locate vegan and vegetarian restaurants nearby.

– Zomato – This is the TripAdvisor restaurant. Super helpful!

– LocalEats – To find the best local restaurants. (No restaurant chain.)

– BeanHunter – To discover excellent coffees.

> Dating

– Tinder, SoloTraveller, Bumble – Meet other solo travelers. (Friendly or loving relationships.)

> Pratico-practice

– Flush – For "piss-minute": locate the nearest toilet.

– AroundMe, Yelp, Google Trips – Locate important businesses or establishments in the surrounding area.

– Google Drive / Cloud – Save our important documents. Warning: activate the data backup only when the wifi is accessible.

– Spotify, Google Play Music, iMusic – Listen to music online. (Own a paid account to avoid using the data.)

– TripAdvisor, Culture Trip – Public notices and comments on establishments to visit.

– Triplt – Plan our itinerary and gather all the information: accommodation, plane tickets, car rental, activity bookings, etc.

> Budget

– Splitwise – Take inventory of our expenses. Very handy for calculating who owes money to who when traveling in a group.

– XE Currency, Elk – Calculate the equivalence of a price in our currency.

– Trail Wallet – Track our expenses by category (eg entertainment, transportation, accommodation, …), according to our initial budget.

> Weather

– AccuWeather – Check the weather forecast.

> Communication

– iTranslate, Speak the world – For an audio and vocal translation.

– Google Translate, SayHi Translate – Get a written translation.

– Skype – Video contact our friends, our family, anywhere in the world. Requires a wifi connection.

– WhasApp – To text or call free other WhatsApp users, anywhere in the world, using wifi.

– Free Wifi Finder – To find free wifi anywhere in the world.

> Displacement

– Uber, Lyft – Travel less expensive than a taxi, or more secure, depending on the country.

– Google Maps, Citymapper (public transportation only) – Know the route from one point to another; on foot, by car or public transport.

– Turo – Carsharing.

– Waze – Find different choices of routes in real time, depending on traffic when driving.

> Orientation

– MAPS.ME, Pocket Earth – Download the map of an entire country before departure to view it at any time during the trip, and track our live travel without using wifi.

Here. You have just discovered the essence of the list of applications used by Lydiane St-Onge while traveling. Namely all those that can be very useful during a business trip. It's up to you to use it wisely at the first opportunity, because – who knows? – this could allow you to live then an unforgettable experience!

By the way, the French writer Victor Hugo said in Wretched "To travel is to be born and die at every moment".

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