The Bugatti brand could be sold by Volkswagen –

Bugatti could change hands soon. According to the British media outlet Car Magazine, which obtained an internal memo, the Volkswagen group is seeking to part with its luxury brand which it bought in 1998 under the Ferdinand Piech era. We imagine that the case of rigged engines (dieselgate) and the financial crisis linked to the coronavirus have prompted the German group to make significant savings, and to refocus its activity on growth markets (SUVs, electric and autonomous cars, etc.) rather than 1,500 hp hypercars emitting more than 500 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

According to information from Car Magazine, Bugatti could be bought by Rimac, a Croatian start-up producing 100% electric supercars, without having to break the bank. How? 'Or' What ? By allowing Porsche (also belonging to the Volkswagen group), which already owns 15.5% of Rimac's shares, to rise a little more in the capital to become one of the main shareholders.

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Everyone would find their account in the end. Porsche would benefit from Rimac's expertise – nicknamed the “European Tesla” in the electric car – and the latter would improve its production capacity by taking advantage of Bugatti's experience (today, the manufacturer only manufactures a handful of cars). Finally, Bugatti could look to the future more calmly thanks to the electrification of its models, an essential step for its survival.

Contacted by Capital, Bugatti declined to comment, without however denying the information from the English media.

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