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The current BMW X4 is not old since it made its debut in the spring of 2018. Better yet, the version concocted by BMW M was only presented last year, so you might as well tell you that it is very recent . However, BMW is keen to keep its crossover fresh, as evidenced by these spy photos of the restyled X4 M.

Several elements show that we have before us the sporty version of the crossover. We believe that it will not be presented this year, since the current X4 M is only one year old … This restyling could therefore be introduced at the end of next year to be marketed in 2022.

As the pictures clearly show, the changes affect the front and rear parts, and some are questionable, especially at the front … The face of this X4 M is largely covered, especially at the front. This begs the question: will the restyled X4 M get the 4 Series grille?

The typical mid-cycle refresh usually involves a little tweaking and according to our sources that will be the case with this X4 M. That means the restyling won't introduce BMW's huge grille … so you have to s '' expect small changes to the shields, headlights (similar to those of the 5 Series), etc. The changes will be less dramatic at the rear.

We have no knowledge of the interior of this vehicle, but our sources tell us that changes are coming to the infotainment screen and center console. The screen should expand and a new shifter will be placed in a redesigned console. The iDrive control will be better integrated into the console and it will work with BMW's latest iDrive software.

Regarding the power, no change is expected. The current version already delivers 480 hp thanks to its twin-turbo inline six. The Competition version even admits 510 hp! All that power is channeled to all four wheels via an eight-speed transmission.

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