The BMW X3 M beaten by the Audi RS4 Avant –

Can an ultra-sporty SUV withstand a lighter and more powerful sedan?

The Audi RS4 Avant has a twin-turbo V6 developing some 450 horsepower sent to all four wheels via all-wheel drive.

For its part, the BMW X3 M Competition also has six cylinders but in an in-line configuration and not in a "V" shape. It claims a small advantage of maximum power with 510 peak horsepower, 60 horsepower more than the break of the brand with the rings.

Weight difference

In theory, therefore, the BMW should prevail. Except for one detail: the X3 M is an SUV that weighs heavier than the station wagon RS4. And that is measured precisely when bringing these two models together in a straight line race. The Audi is leading the race and will never be caught by the SUV. Admittedly, the race would probably have been more disputed with an M3 sedan instead of the X3 M. Also remember that at Audi, a RS version of the Q5 (rival of the X3) should arrive soon.

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