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During our research, we noticed that the 1250 RT had disappeared from the BMW configurator. At first, we thought it was a technical, temporary error … But readers have warned that the thing will continue … We made inquiries elsewhere, and it is confirmed: a 2021 model would arrive!

" Sorry, but the model shown in the configuration module is no longer available ", This is what you can read on the BMW Motorrad France website if you are looking to equip an R 1250 RT, via the configurator. And this is the first time we've seen this! So we made inquiries, and according to our various informants that we will keep secret, but who are absolutely reliable (…) a new version of RT should indeed land soon!

The BMW R 1250 RT is no longer available a - The BMW R 1250 RT is no longer available: a new one in 2021? - Motoservices

What to expect ?

In our opinion, no evolution in terms of engine, except for a Euro5 stamping on the latest Flat Shiftcam 1250 released in 2019 on the entire R range – which we were already told "E5 Ready" . On the other hand, we have seen a lot of electronic developments and patents pass recently. As BMW often works with Bosch, this RT could initially have the same front / rear radars as the next Ducati Multuistrada V4 for example. Or, the famous adaptive regulator unveiled by the brand this summer. What about an autonomous RT, like the GS we saw unmanned in 2018? Fortunately not, at least for the moment …

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