The big grille confirmed on the BMW 4 Series? –

Expected for the second quarter of 2020, the future BMW 4 Series was seen during its development phase. And according to the photos, the series model should indeed opt for this huge grille.

Since the presentation of concept 4 last year in Frankfurtmany of us are eagerly awaiting the new BMW Series 4.

Remember, at the 2019 German show, BMW had unveiled a concept with a huge double bean grille which descended almost to the bottom of the front bumper.

In early January, a first leak already gave some answers, but with the photos and videos published by Wilco Block on his account Instagram, there is really no longer any doubt.

We can see the future Series 4 at low speed. So yes, the camouflage of the car is still complete but you can very easily see this huge grille as well as the front lights. If the grille becomes gigantic like the BMW X7 where the Series 7, the fires, them, are refined.

If the front part of this Series 4 is full of new features, the rear part is not to be outdone either. We can note the presence of the rear lights much more dynamic than on the previous generation.

For all those who wish to see the new generation of the BMW 4 Series, it will take a few months, however. BMW will present the i4 concept in Geneva next week.

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