Summer is synonymous with travel, beaches with crystal clear waters and summer festivals, but also the time to enjoy those motorcycle routes with which to discover each and every one of the beautiful corners that we have in Spain or also outside of our borders. In fact, every summer more bikers take advantage of this summer season to enjoy the best destinations and the pleasure of traveling in this wonderful two-wheeled vehicle. But that does not mean that you have to forget about everything that involves traveling by motorcycle in the middle of the summer and under extreme heat.

So, if you are thinking of planning your motorcycle vacation for the next few months and organizing your itinerary, we recommend that before you put on your helmet and get going, do not forget to review each and every one of the tips that you need to take into account. before traveling by motorcycle in summer. A series of recommendations with which you will be able to enjoy every second of that trip and avoid the inconveniences and dangers that rising temperatures and suffocating heat can pose on a motorcycle.

Tips for traveling by motorcycle in summer

1. The heat is not a reason not to wear the right equipment

Even if the sweltering heat prompts you to wear summer clothes and if you are planning to take a motorcycle trip this summer, it is vital that do not forget to bring the necessary equipment to travel by motorcycle. No matter where you decide to travel or how much you want to drive with flip-flops and a tank top, the important thing is that that motorcycle journey is done safely. So do not forget to also put on your helmet, summer gloves, boots and reinforced motorcycle clothing. In the event of a fall or accident these will be your true great allies. Of course, what you will not have to give up, will be motorcycle clothing with ventilation or a helmet that ensures a good flow of ventilation inside. All this will ensure that the heat does not become a problem while driving and most importantly, you will also go safe.

2. Avoid the hottest hours and hydrate yourself

A good way to escape the suffocating heat is to travel during the early morning or late afternoon, since in addition to lower temperature, you will also find yourself with much less traffic flow. Also, do not forget to hydrate with water or an isotonic drink.

3. Plan your route

Before we go on a trip, we will have to plan the destination well and the stops on our itinerary, especially in the case of a long trip. This is the true way to start a trip, taking into account each of the stops and points of interest in your itinerary, the cheapest gas stations, the best restaurants, as well as everything related to the mechanics of the motorcycle, the documentation or GPS, among others.

4. Don’t forget to check the bike

A set-up before starting the trip and even more so a long trip, is another of the fundamental parts, to avoid scares. So don’t forget to do a review at the mechanic before starting off and checking important aspects such as the wheels or the coolant, among other things. Once that review is passed, you will only have to enjoy that trip that you have been dreaming of for so many months.

5. Papers and documentation

In addition to checking your motorcycle before the trip, you will also have to remember to check that all papers and documentation are in order, including the DNI or passport, the technical sheet, the circulation permit or the valid ITV.

6. Don’t go overboard with your luggage

Before choosing your luggage, the first advice is to use your head and be clear that you don’t need too many things to travel. In fact you can always wash clothes and reuse them, thus saving you from wearing clothes for every day and planning the stops, it will also be of great help to organize that luggage. Another important tip is that the weight of the luggage should be placed as much as possible towards the center of gravity of the motorcycle, something that if you go you can only ensure with the passenger space, but if not you can get it with some saddlebags or with some motorcycle suitcases. Always, yes, checking the placement of all the elements before the trip.

7. The dark screen will be your great ally

Sunlight, especially during hot hours, can be quite dazzling and make driving difficult. So don’t forget to bring some good sunglasses or failing that, equip your helmet with a dark screen. This type of screen will allow you to see perfectly, even with the sun in front of you.

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