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Being rich isn't easy every day. For example, what to give to a child who already has everything? Fortunately, the next Christmas is going to be easier than usual thanks to this collaboration between Aston Martin and The Little Car Company.

Indeed, it is now possible to buy a 2/3 scale electric convertible version of the DB5. Frankly, if it hadn't been next to the real one in the photo for the scale, would you have ticked?

3.05 m long and 1.12 m wide and 88 cm high, this DB5 Junior can accommodate an adult and a child. A 6.7 hp electric motor drives the rear wheels to propel the car up to 48 km / h. And since it may be a bit fast when you barely reach the pedals (even if The Little Company advises against putting the machine in the hands of a child under 14), there are different driving modes. : Novice, which restricts the power to 1.3 hp, the speed to 19 km / h, and prevents the car from moving away more than 30 m; Expert, which unleashes all of the almost 7 hp; and Race, which balances performance with other creations from The Little Car that would hang around the park, just to be on a level playing field on a castle tour.

The DB5 Junior is sold for £ 35,000 excluding tax, or just under € 40,000. You can find used DB9s at this price … Rest assured, The Little Car Company has taken care of this little marvel down to the smallest detail. The steering wheel is for example an exact replica (in a little smaller) of the original one, the black leather upholstery has nothing to envy that of the real DB5, while the instrumentation is made by the same supplier. than at the time (with a battery indicator instead of the fuel gauge). In series, each car has the Silver Birch livery, legendary since Goldfinger.

The icing on the cake is the chassis: double wishbone at the front, deformable axle at the rear, just like on the real one, with a geometry modeled again on the original. Everything is placed on 10-inch spoke rims. And we were going to forget the hydraulic handbrake, for the donuts at the foot of the steps.

The removable battery is located under the hood and offers between 10 and 32 km of range depending on the driving mode. A second can be added as an option to double the radius of action, and the braking is regenerative for maximum efficiency.

If 6.7 hp is not enough for you, The Little Car also offers a DB5 Vantage Junior which doubles the power in Vantage mode, while the mass is reduced thanks to carbon fiber elements. That is to say all the same 13.4 ch for less than 270 kg, a weight / power ratio of Porsche 356… The top speed increases consequently, to a level still undetermined. The second battery is here in series, and there is now a SELF-LOCKING on the rear axle, yes, yes. Daddy will definitely have to take it for a spin. Count £ 45,000 excluding tax for this DB5 Junior Vantage, or around € 50,000.

Production will begin in 2021. Only 1,059 units will be built, each purchaser of which will automatically become a member of the Aston Martin Owners Club.

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