The artist Laurence Leccia exhibits at the Hôtel des Barons de Lacoste – Midi Libre

The association Conti organizes the exhibition of paintings by Laurence Leccia in the gallery of the Hotel barons Lacoste Street François-Oustrin, Pézenas. This association aims to educate children in Madagascar. Laurence Leccia has been painting and exhibiting for 35 years and her work has always evoked nature. After studying at the Montpellier School of Architecture and Fine Arts, she taught architecture until 2010 while continuing to paint and exhibit. As she says herself: "at the school of architecture, I was trained in a classic drawing: perspective, the theory of color,

shadow and light, golden proportions. I learned the straight line, a chalk drawing, an orthogonal vision. "

Then, his training continued at the School of Fine Arts. She then completes by turning to contemporary art. It tells us: "I tried to get rid of academic rigidity, I wanted the quivered line, the independent embus, all the hazards, the colorful fields … I dread the finiteness of the drawing, the line licked, hygienist, predictable, perfect. " As she explains: "I did not go to art school to become an artist, or to be in the spotlight, but just to paint."

The paintings she exhibits at the Lacoste Hotel are about nature, her mystical order, her

religiosity, and her animistic perceptions, as she says. Having lived in Africa, she feels the need to magnify her in a way mixing abstraction and figuration by articulating her work around archaic and primal forms with a zoom on the microscopic life. This nature, she feels because she painted in the open air, on the massif of Gardiole. Her representation of the flower invites us to a sensitive interpretation that brings her closer to Georgia O'Keefe. Its generous shapes and natural colors are reminiscent of the tropical and invasive vegetation of the virgin forest. His worked subjects (fish, marine and vegetable) are the testimony of his everyday environment, Mediterranean. All this would not have been possible without training in an art school where one can acquire the necessary foundations. After, the artist frees himself from school and frees himself from the chains that could imprison him. Beautiful exhibition not to be missed because the painting is a mirror for oneself because the one who watches sees his history and his culture. It is visible juntil December 1st.

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