The armored Audi A8 billed 700,000 euros –

Premium brands are used to presenting armored versions of their most upscale vehicles. Audi is no exception to the rule with its flagship A8 capable of withstanding bullets and much more.

The armored Audi A8 billed 700000 euros - The armored Audi A8 billed 700,000 euros -

The Ingolstadt Audi company publishes on the web the fruit of the work of its safety engineers. The Audi A8 L Security promises – in return for a tidy sum – protection against a multitude of weapons and explosives.

The Audi A8 L Security has reinforcements that allow it to resist grenades, long-range rifles and bursts of automatic weapons. Its protection is approved VR9 and VR10. A device is also capable of extinguishing a fire in the engine bay, near the fuel tank, in the wheel arches and under the car. The breathability of the air in the passenger compartment is ensured by a reserve of pure air allowing it to pass through or remain for several minutes in a cloud of toxic fumes. Finally, a pyrotechnic system installed on the door hinges guarantees that you can leave the vehicle in the event, for example, of overturning or heavy damage.

1590005793 505 The armored Audi A8 billed 700000 euros - The armored Audi A8 billed 700,000 euros -

The car displays without surprise with all this arsenal a weight of more than 4 tonnes on the scale. Runflat tires tolerating a speed of 80 km / h over 80 km despite a puncture are responsible for supporting the mass of the Audi A8 L Security. Another important element for this type of vehicle: the engine. The task is entrusted on this side to a 4.0l biturbo block of S8 delivering 571 horsepower for 800 Nm of torque. The leaders, stars, dictators, politicians or mafia will have to sign a check for 750,000 dollars (684,779 euros) to dispose of it daily.

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