As we have known for a few months, Pagani is preparing an ultimate version of the Huayra. Benefiting from the “R” like the Zonda before it, the Italian supercar will be a real tracker, with an extreme look. Under its hood, an atmospheric 900 horsepower V12 will officiate.

When it comes to extreme looks and visceral character, Pagani is one of the best builders. The brand knows how to make a car beautiful and extreme, the proof with its Zonda R as well as its successor the Huayra who should soon also receive the “R” treatment. The latest teaser unveiled by the Italian manufacturer reveals that this ultimate version will be anything but subtle.

As you can see with that huge rear wing, the Huayra R will be even more extreme than the Huayra BC. While full details have yet to be released, we’ve already seen a few digital renderings and We were also won over by the sound of the atmospheric V12 of the Huayra R which develops 900 horsepower. But back to the teaser: the dark silhouette reveals little, but you can see that the underside of the car looks very flat, that a lot of aerodynamic elements have been installed and the body slightly widened, not to mention the even wider tires. Assuming the Huayra R follows the same recipe as its predecessor, these tires will only be “Slicks”, Dedicated to the track and wrapped around gorgeous center-locking wheels, likely built in magnesium or even carbon.

Carbon everywhere?

We also expect the vast majority, if not all, of the bodywork to be constructed from exposed carbon fiber. Assuming the Huayra R is as crazy as the Zonda R, its V12 will spin up to 9,500 rpm and not be quiet. Moreover, it could well be that the car is not even approved for the road. Depending on its extreme nature, it could even be prohibited on certain circuits which limit the noise of cars.

Whatever happens, and however Pagani decides to build the car, this naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 is sure to become a collector’s item on its own. That being said, Pagani has a habit of producing special editions of special editions, so the Huayra R may not be the last nor the most extreme Huayra of all time.