The 3 essential leek recipes and lots of other ideas to enhance it!

Leeks for many are tasted with vinaigrette. For others, it makes savory point pies. To me, leek is synonymous with boring soup. However, this green vegetable of winter allows delicious recipes and goes well with delighting our taste buds. How to twist the leek to get it out of culinary boredom?

Inexpensive vegetable, the leek consists of a softer white part, in contact with the ground, and large green leaves. Its raw taste is similar to that of its cousin, the new onion.
Leeks are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins (especially if you don't cook them too long), and magnesium, and deserves to be pampered in the kitchen. Because it combines culinally in multiple ways.
We like it in pie, pan-fried, fondue, soup, salad, gratin, béchamel sauce, with salmon … and it turns out to be a super slimming vegetable.
Our advice to adopt it definitively.

The great classic: leek-potato soup

Our grandmothers know the recipe by heart, and for good reason, this soup is one of the essentials.
So we, no decided to twister it a little, but before we can add all our culinary fantasy to it, it's about mastering the classic leek soup recipe.

Your ingredients for 4 people:
– 4 white leeks
– 2 potatoes
– 45 cl of milk
– 2 tablespoons fresh cream
– 1 egg yolk
(you can absolutely use milk and soy cream if you are intolerant to cow's milk).

The rest of the recipe (10 minutes of preparation to break everything) here.

More ideas
To make it more funky, you can add the pieces of a pear to your soup.
You can also brown your leek pieces in a little white wine.
We recommend replacing the potatoes with scallops, you will tell us new ones.
Finally, brown a few slices of chorizo, and you will decorate your bowl with it to bring a little trendy taste.

See also the recipe for oatmeal leek soup.
and our tips for immersing a leek fondue

With the white, the leeks vinaigrette

To make good leeks vinaigrette, you need quality leeks, ideally new leeks, very fresh so that they are tender.

For 2 people
, take 2 white leeks.
If they are really young, you may also be able to cook the heart of the green leaves (especially the budding part).
Remove the outer leaves and cut lengthwise in half, or even with small young leeks, leave them whole. Clean the soil well and cook for 15 minutes with steam.
Meanwhile, cook a hard boiled egg.
Reserve your leeks at room temperature and prepare your vinaigrette, with the crumbled hard-boiled egg and shallot, possibly a little chervil, and coarse salt, a turn of pepper in the mill, it's even better. Serve warm.

Good ideas to glamorize your recipes

And if we tested the leek cake (with goat cheese, a delight), the leek flan (like a salted clafoutis), the leek röstis (chop the leeks in your grated potatoes, instead of the onions ), the salted leek crumble (with a parmesan machine, yum!) or chicken or salmon and leek skewers, yakitori style?
> The top good idea for a healthy aperitif or a slimming dish: crab rolls in a leek tube.
The recipe here.

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Leek pie but less pie than usual!

Leek pie, we know: a base of quiche, pieces of leek and presto, voila. While the flamiche lovers cry out in sacrilege, the other gourmets have fun conjugating the leek pie.
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