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While its main rivals are renewed each turn, the Toyota C-HR is satisfied with a mid-career restyling. Nevertheless, he takes the opportunity to host a new, more powerful hybrid engine. A new proof of the expertise of the specialist in the field, while the competition pulls the hair to meet the anti-pollution standards of 2020.

Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008 and Nissan Juke. At the end of the year 2019, the trio at the top of the sales category is pulling the plug so as not to be left behind! Other manufacturers have also unveiled a new generation of their urban SUV. Yet during that time, Toyota limits itself to upgrading its C-HR launched in 2016.

It is true that if you want a C-HR, you certainly do not want anything else: 80% of the 400,000 C-HR sold in Europe were hybrid versions. But the situation is not really the same today because the French seem to have woken up. So does he really still have the means to survive in this jungle? In our opinion the answer is yes. Explanation.

Test Toyota C HR 2.0 liters 184 hp rise of the - Test Toyota C-HR 2.0 liters 184 hp: rise of the hybrid - Turbo.frNew LED lights and shields slightly overhauled, the C-HR mainly welcomes 3 new colors and 2 bi-tone combinations.

Let's dive straight into the heart of the subject, the most interesting in this C-HR is not its cosmetic restyling itself, but the adoption of the four-cylinder 2.0-liter 184 horsepower inaugurated on the Corolla. A hybrid petrol engine of course, which is positioned as a complementary offer alongside the 1.8 liter block of 122 horses.

On paper, the offer is already tempting: for 2.000 euros more than the 1.8 liter version, you benefit from 62 additional horses, allowingimprove the 0 to 100 km / h of 2 seconds, without paying the slightest penalty. No doubt, Toyota gives a little lesson to his classmates who are already struggling to meet the anti-pollution standards announced in 2020.

However, the main interest of this engine is not really the performance gainbut the improvement of comfort. In practice, the surplus power allows the engine to be less stressed. The same goes for the CVT gearbox, naturally very soft and efficient, but particularly noisy when the engine is used at full load.

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Yes the materials are more qualitative, unfortunately the multimedia system is no longer on the page

As it happens, it becomes more enjoyable than ever to get into the game of eco-driving with the help of the power gauge replacing the usual rev counter. The instructions for use are simple to assimilate: it consists in adopting a cast pipe, anticipating the circulation, and accelerating with an egg under the foot so that the needle crosses the threshold of activation of the engine less often. A perfect control tool for managing live consumption and the sound level.

Result, with 184 hp and 202 Nm of maximum torque under the hood, the pace of this eco-friendly driving is closer to that of a natural drive. Faced with the 1.8 version of 122 hp, you do not change the way you drive, but the acceleration is stronger in the city and quieter on expressway. The C-HR 2.0 liters is also able to travel in EV mode up to 120km / h.

It remains a hybrid that behaves as such, it should not expect acceleration of a thermal vehicle of the same power, or a 100% electric. But the consumption is unbeatable: about 6 liters / 100 km during our test despite a rather dynamic driving. Really very correct.

Obviously, to assume the needs of this new engine, the battery capacity has been revised upwards. Toyota still announces a 100% electric autonomy of 5 km but it should rather to count on 2 km in reality. However, the brand claims that in a city such as Paris, it would be possible to circulate 80% of the time without triggering the engine. We want to see !

1573266346 464 Test Toyota C HR 2.0 liters 184 hp rise of the - Test Toyota C-HR 2.0 liters 184 hp: rise of the hybrid - Turbo.fr

The 1.8-liter, 122-hp version also benefits from a new battery that optimizes its energy performance.

What is certain is that we find a good driving position and that we are not installed as high as we might think at first sight. In terms of optimizations, we benefit from better soundproofing. While the suspensions are strengthened to assume the weight of the block 2.0 liters. But good news, the C-HR retains both its dynamic behavior and its excellent comfort. Really amazing considering its rather aggressive look!

Only shadows on the board: no paddles at the wheel to take advantage of a larger engine brake at the arrival of a turn, for example. It can nevertheless be compensated by handling the gear lever or by switching on the "S" mode. We would have liked also that the multimedia system was reviewed more deeply: the needle instrumentation block is no longer really relevant, the infotainment screen is a bit small. And if we appreciate the integration of Apple Carplay and Android Auto, we plague the presence of the only USB port on board. Not even another in the back!

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