Original lines, a canvas roof (a first for Lexus!), A blue paint that does not go unnoticed and reminds of luxury marinas… During our test in Belgium, this LC500 Cabriolet caused a sensation! And we don’t romance anything. At the exit of a Brussels crossroads, stuck in a line, a motorist threw us “This is the car! “It must be said, on the one hand, that we are less likely to see a Lexus LC500 than a Porsche 911, a Mercedes AMG GT or even a BMW 8 Series. It must also be said that Lexus claims no more, no less, that she wanted to create the most beautiful convertible in the world. You are the only judges …

What to relax

It’s true, the competitors mentioned above are all sportier than the LC500 Cabriolet. However, the latter embeds a large V8 of 5 liters and 464 horsepower which does not drag it out: the 0 to 100 km / h is executed in just 5 seconds. But with its 2 tons and a brake pedal that could have been more biting, the whole rather invites to the ride. We enjoy the comfort of the seats, the leather and good quality materials, the unusual shapes of the interior… This car would relax anyone, even an angry Robert De Niro!

Hair in the wind, even in winter!

The 10-speed automatic handles gearshifts very well on its own, though it could be more responsive when you need to downshift for sudden acceleration. It takes 15 seconds, up to 50 km / h, to “drop” the canvas top. Even in winter, this convertible has all the necessary equipment, and as standard, to not be cold: heated steering wheel, advanced air conditioning system that is perfectly concentrated in the passenger compartment and does not come out, heated seats and, finally, heating for the neck integrated in the headrests. And there, we take full advantage of the vocalizations of this gasoline V8 which sounds like no other: it is neither the American rumble, nor the ardor of the German twin-turbo V8s. It’s yet another sound, a perfect blend of elegance and sportiness. In addition, except during cold starts, it can be very discreet at low speed.

Test Lexus LC500 Cabriolet atypical experience Le Soir - Test: Lexus LC500 Cabriolet, atypical experience - Le Soir


We are more in the refinement, the couple and the discretion at low revs. Then, from about 4,000 rpm, it begins to let go of the cavalry, in a more bewitching sound. In short: thanks to this engine, in the traffic jams in Brussels, we were not too bad. And in dynamic ride mode, we were good too. This LC500 Cabriolet was designed not to go on the circuit, or even to play sports, but to experience Grand Touring Japanese style. In other words, comfort in all circumstances, power when it’s needed, and refinement that relaxes you.

We really appreciated this Japanese know-how, which amounts to € 129,900. When we look at the prices of the competition, this Lexus is well worth them and above all, there are no options to select from the catalog!

1613673375 834 Test Lexus LC500 Cabriolet atypical experience Le Soir - Test: Lexus LC500 Cabriolet, atypical experience - Le Soir

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