The psychological tests continue to be one of the favorite contents of social networks, especially of users of Facebook. Well you are personality tests It surprises us day by day, discovering what our greatest fears are and even revealing what could happen to our lives in the near future. That is why we bring you this viral test with which you can know what aspects your personality hides.

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Next we will show you the image of 4 skulls, each one illustrated in a very different way from the other. What you should do in this psychological test is to choose the one you like the most, either because of its color, shape or details. You only have to keep one. Depending on your choice, lines below you will know what each of them means.

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Which of these images do you like the most? Your choice will reveal what your personality hides. | Photo: iProfesional

You have a high sensitivity, which gives you a special way of perceiving the world, life and people, and through which you can create many different things. You are a creative person by nature who can be easily appreciated in your world, although equally, your high sensitivity can lead to emotional ups and downs.

You characterize yourself as a person with a great sense of justice, the desire to be treated fairly with others, but above all with a superior commitment to things well done. In that sense, you are terrified of conformity and often think that the only and best way to do things is to do it yourself.

You characterize yourself as a person with great strength of character and the ability to convince others to accompany you in almost all kinds of causes. It is likely that at some point in your life you have felt weak or vulnerable and, therefore, you have developed an overwhelming attitude, which for some people can be intimidating.

You are characterized by being a kind, cooperative, very noble person and with great generosity that makes you feel the needs of your loved ones as if they were yours. You may spend a lot of time in your life trying to solve other people’s problems, and because of that, there are many problems in your life that have not yet been solved.