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The Chiron Pur Sport becomes a reality. It was in Alsace in Molsheim, where it was developed that we were invited to take the wheel. Another new version will say some! Yes, but this Pur Sport pushes back the performance of the most spooky of hypercars at the extreme limits of the laws of physics. We can tell you! The Chiron Pur Sport becomes a Pure Masterpiece in motion by Bugatti.

Far beyond the simple car manufacturer, Bugatti has always strived to create a universe as inaccessible as it is wonderful. The Alsatian manufacturer does not stop at making efficient cars for the sake of performance. Bugatti, with its Veyron, is in reference to the tale of Thousand and One Nights, the tale of 1001 horses. Bugatti has been since 2016, a new chapter in a surrealist story that goes beyond established references. A " surreality »Which saw the birth of the Chiron and from it the Sport, Super Sport 300+, Divo, The Black Car and finally Centodieci versions.

But this phenomenal chain was still missing a link. As for Bugatti, dreams have no limit, here we are in front of the Chiron Pur Sport in its livery " Agile Blue », Superb! How do you make the craziest sports car in history even more exclusive and desirable? After a year and a half of work and development and more than 50,000 km of testing on circuits and on open roads, the Chiron Pur Sport is quite simply the outcome of the quest for absolute agility, initiated by the President of Bugatti, Stephan Winkelmann. It is precisely on one of the many Alsatian test roads where “Pure Sport” has worn out its tires that we took our places in the cockpit of the latest addition to the Molsheim workshops.

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Lightened by 50 kg

We cannot repeat it enough… weight is the number 1 public enemy of performance. It is therefore natural that this aspect of the development of Pure Sport was studied. There was no other solution than to do without the hydraulic systems affecting the aero of the Bugatti.

Exit then the mobile fin which adapted to the speed or which turned to act as aero-brake on the extreme phases of deceleration. It is now a beautiful and imposing fixed carbon piece, 1m90 wide, which sits at the back. Exit also the aero flaps located under the front bumper to more or less seat the Chiron depending on the speed. If the weight gain for these two elements is announced at more than 10 kg, we know much more about the wheels: 19 kg less displayed on the scale thanks to the use of Magnesium and Carbon. Remarkable because by gaining 19 kg in unsprung masses, agility is optimized.

You did not know it but on board there is a secret button

With two or three exceptions, we find aboard the Pur Sport the universe of other Chiron. However, we notice the greater presence of Alcantara and “Chiron Pure Sport” embroidery. Another small detail, almost invisible since it is located under the dashboard. This is a small electric drive. This hidden control will add even more sportiness to the Pur Sport. An additional driving mode which is therefore added to the EB, Highway and Handling program.

How it works ? Once you have opted for EB “sport” mode, all you have to do is disconnect the ESC then activate the hidden command for a second and thus unlock a new program like in a video game. The "ESC-Sport +" program will push back the limits of electronic intervention to allow more skating and therefore a controlled drift with a greater angle.

Pure Sport for singing in the rain

When finally moving on to practical work, Heaven decides to do its own. The beautiful Alsatian roads, usually favorable to attack and to the development of Bugatti productions, are today regularly watered by tenacious rain. You have understood it, when you are at the wheel of a hypercar which claims a herd of 1500 horses and what is more, displays a value of 3 million euros excluding tax without the options, as much to say to you that I do not 'Not wide … and Pierre-Henri Raphanel my instructor of the day, either.

No choice, you have to get started.

Getting started is easy. Incredibly easy by the way. You just have to be aware of a small detail that is not. It is necessary (especially in these downright unfavorable weather conditions) to remember that when with a normal supercar of 650 to 800 horsepower all the same, you depress the pedal of 2 to 3 centimeters, you deliver between 40 to 80 horsepower maximum … But with the Chiron Pur Sport, with the same pressure on the pedal, it is 300 to 500 horsepower that you catapult to the 4 wheels. So in the rain!

With his W16 Bugatti managed to reproduce the Big-Bang

But driving a Bugatti can't be a bad day. Impossible ! So when we enter a stretch of dry asphalt and a generous straight line opens up to us, the hesitation is only short-lived. We take action and crush the accelerator pedal. What an experience! At this precise moment the W16 of 8 liters of displacement speaks aloud. By way of comparison, it is as if the famous and monstrously gigantic wave of Nazaré in Portugal (a world surfing hotspot) was surging behind you in a deafening noise.

The 16 cylinders in motion, powered by the 4 immense turbochargers launch into a power unleash. A 1500 horsepower mechanical Big-Bang. You then enter a space-time corridor where the field of vision is reduced to the point of forcing you to maintain a level of concentration never reached. This level of performance is explained by the application of new settings to the engine and the DSG 7 gearbox (double-clutch gearbox). From now on, the engine speed peaks at 6,900 revolutions / minute, ie 200 revolutions higher than that of the Chiron.

The 7-speed DSG gearbox has been shortened by 15% to offer more sportiness and above all to allow the Chiron Pur Sport to always be within easy reach of the intersection of power and torque curves (1600 Nm). This makes it the most efficient Bugatti possible in the exercise of 0 to 100 (2.3 seconds) and 0 to 200 (5.5 seconds). On the other hand, the V-Max it, was voluntarily limited electronically to 350 km / h.

Sacrifice your top speed for your agility

You read correctly ! The Chiron Pur Sport is limited to 350 km / h. What does it matter since it is aimed at purists looking for another way of performing. The Pur Sport loses V-Max on one side to gain much more on the other. Agility and liveliness in transverse acceleration. With this model Bugatti clearly displays its intentions for a different pleasure.

To get there ! The engineers therefore significantly reduced the weight (as we saw above), they made adjustments to the engine speed and the gearbox staging, but they also favored shorter and longer springs. rigid to offer a better compromise between sportiness, traction and driving comfort.

And finally, if we add a new definition of negative camber (2.5 degrees) and the new Michelin Sport Cup 2 R tires, size 285/30 R20 at the front and 355/25 R21 at the rear, the Chiron Pur Sport redraws the contours of high performance when passing bends.

Technical characteristics Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

Technical sheet Bugatti Chiron Pure Sport
Model tested: Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport
Engine W16 – 8 liters
Overeating 4 turbos with differentiated turbocharging
Power 1,500 hp @ 6,700 rpm
Couple 1600 Nm at 2000 rpm
Weight [1945kg
0 to 100 km / h 2.3 s
0 to 200 km / h 5.5 s
0 to 300 km / h – than 12 s
Max speed 350 km / h (electronically limited)
CO2 rate (WLTP) 516 g / km
Average consumption 22.5 l / 100 km
Prices 3 million euros HT
Number of copies 60

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