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Twenty years, the beautiful age that today gives the TT an icon status in the Audi range. But the age also of all dangers. This third generation could be the last for the sports coupe, in the face of environmental requirements. Announced dead, then resurrected in electric, today perhaps replaced by a zero emission SUV, according to our colleagues of AutoExpress, the TT lives perhaps its last hours. The opportunity to enjoy a (last?) Round in the anniversary limited edition, the TT 20 years.

Test Audi TT quot20 yearsquot the end of an - Test - Audi TT "20 years", the end of an era - BFMTV.COM

But why … the Audi TT?

Yes, why did Audi choose to name its small sports coupe, far from the A4 or Q7? This name actually plunges us into history: the TT refers to the NSU TT, the sporty version of a small sports coupe of the 60s. The brand NSU is an old German brand that Audi totally absorbed in 1977 The term "TT" refers to the Tourist Trophy, a famous motorcycle race that takes place around the Isle of Man, off the coast of England, with an open tomb. What seated the sports DNA TT.

When the Coupe was released in 1998, it was his design that first marked the spirits. Soft lines, rounded lights, the TT has a thousand miles away from the more aggressive side of the BMW Z3 or small Japanese coupes. Twenty years later, he still has this good head, recognizable among thousands, which makes it a car as popular with customers as customers. At first glance, no doubt, it is a TT, even if this third generation offers sharper angles, more masculine, than the previous ones.

Our trial version is an anniversary edition, very discreet, with some badges "20 years" scattered on the body and in the cockpit. Only 999 copies were produced worldwide, 50 for the French market. What revive the appetite for the TT? Not sure…

The small Audi model suffers a penalty increasingly heavy in France that adds to a price more expensive than one of the iconic rivals, the Porsche 718 Cayman coupe more charming. It also does not have the flexibility away from the Alpine. In short, the times are hard for the TT.

1572794502 292 Test Audi TT quot20 yearsquot the end of an - Test - Audi TT "20 years", the end of an era - BFMTV.COM


Once installed on the driver's side, the TT's DNA appears immediately. This coupe is equally suitable for weekend walks, as well as for everyday trips. Under the hood, the four-cylinder "45 TFSI" 2.0 245 horses perfectly fulfills its office in the Parisian traffic jams, while being fun as soon as you can walk a few tens of kilometers out of traffic. It lacks a sound more worked, a short sound in fact, because this engine is too quiet on the volume side, even in sport mode. Which makes us regret the TT RS and the nice sound of its 5-cylinder in line.

Clearly, the carbox is designed for a smooth ride every day. Driving with the paddles allows to play a little. Nothing more. The counterpart is certainly in a reasonable consumption. For our half-day in the Paris region, it did not exceed nine liters.

1572794504 571 Test Audi TT quot20 yearsquot the end of an - Test - Audi TT "20 years", the end of an era - BFMTV.COM

'THE' extra stuff: the driving position

It's a TT classic, but it still has a small effect. The driving position is turned towards the driver. No central screen, there is only one behind the wheel. In front of the passenger spreads a bare dashboard, with almost no button on the center console: this car really gives the impression of being a model of egoism, even if it includes four seats. The passenger will be interested in enjoying the landscape. In the end, it gives a lovely feeling of possession: "it's MY car". The downside, your passenger can absolutely not help you in the navigation, as in the adjustment of air conditioning.

Another big favorite: the leather upholstery color as the color "inspired by a baseball glove", explain the designers of Audi. "Brown moccasin", yellow stitching, Audi brings out its know-how in terms of quality of finish.

1572794504 981 Test Audi TT quot20 yearsquot the end of an - Test - Audi TT "20 years", the end of an era - BFMTV.COM

'THE' number: 64,900

It's in euros the price of this anniversary version, and it may be also the concern. At this price, this TT limited edition is more expensive than an Alpine (54,700 euros), a 718 (57,170 euros), even a TTS (a version judged by specialists more pleasant, balanced to drive) . A 2000 euro version cheaper than the 20 year limited edition. It may be a little expensive birthday present.

Our model tested: Audi TT 20 years edition 45 TFSI 245 horses

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