Tesla would lose less money than BMW, Mercedes or Audi

According to an American study, the Tesla Model 3 retains its residual value much better than its competitors from BMW, Mercedes or Audi.

How much can you sell your premium sedan after three years of ownership? This is a question that interests everyone. Because yes, even the most popular brands on the market are not immune to the drop in the residual value of their models. Even with a BMW or Mercedes crest, your new car will quickly lose some of its value.

And in this little game of depreciation, Tesla seems to be doing particularly well. According to a large study conducted in the United States by IseeCars.com, based on 6.9 million car sales over the past three years, it is indeed the Tesla Model 3 that would lose the least value.

-10.2% after three years

On average, a Tesla Model 3 lost 10.2% of its new value after three years. By way of comparison, a BMW 3 Series loses on average 53.4% ​​of its value over the same period. The Audi A4? 51%. The Volvo S60? 53.4%. The Alfa Romeo Giulia? 46.9%. The Lexus IS is doing a little better, at 39.7%. In short, this is a study that will please Tesla fans …

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