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Tesla would like to export Model 3s produced in China - Tesla would like to export Model 3s produced in China to Europe - Capital.fr
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Tesla wants to accelerate on the front of the Model 3, one of its flagship models. The American electric car giant founded by Elon musk reportedly intends to export Model 3s produced at its factory in China to several markets in Asia and Europe, Bloomberg reports based on sources familiar with the matter. A plan that could be implemented in late 2020 or early 2021. On Wall Street, Tesla shares have experienced strong turbulence since early September, against the backdrop of fears about a valuation deemed very excessive and following the refusal to integrate the title of manufacturer in the flagship S & P500 index.

At the close of Tuesday, the title, listed on the Nasdaq, had plunged 21.06% to 330.21 dollars. This is his heaviest fall since entering Wall Street in 2010, where the action started at less than $ 5, AFP reports. These last months, You're here had exploded on the stock market, driven among other things by good results in the second quarter ended in June where, despite the pandemic weighing on car purchases, the group founded and led by Elon Musk had posted a profit of 104 million dollars, higher than expectations.

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This soaring title, fueled in particular by the enthusiasm of small carriers, had hoisted the manufacturer of high-end cars to the first rank of market capitalizations in the automotive sector, ahead of General Motors (GM), Ford and Fia Chrysler (FCA) combined. In mid-August, the group announced the division by five of its action to make it more affordable. But on Tuesday, the stock collapse wiped out some $ 156 billion, or more than a third of the manufacturer's market value, from its peak reached in late August.

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