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Since July 1, 2019, all electric and hybrid cars must be equipped with a sound device that allows them to be heard by pedestrians when traveling at a speed of less than 20 km / h. This AVAS device (the acronym for Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems), which meets certain standards in Europe, is intended to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the city. Among other things, it must be indexed to the speed and acceleration of the car in order to make its perception more realistic.

Since this regulation has been in place, all eyes have been on electric car manufacturers to see how they would take it into account, depending on their identity and their standing. We know, for example, that Premium brands like Mercedes or BMW take the matter very seriously, and that Porsche has also responded in its own way, since the sound signature of its models, easily recognizable, is part of its DNA.

Tesla to brighten up the streets

It remained to be seen what Tesla would do, when we know the often contradictory ideas of his whimsical boss Elon Musk. After announcing a few months ago that his cars would soon talk to pedestrians, Musk posted yesterday a funny tweet saying that a "New upcoming Tesla feature would allow its cars to play 'snake jazz' or Polynesian elevator music through its outdoor speakers, wherever you go."

We do not know more at the moment, but the tone of the tweet leaves little room for doubt, and presents this feature as probable, even imminent, or at least under development. Musk had made no secret of his passion for elevator music in a previous tweet, claiming it was underrated.

Even if we are starting to get used to the “useless” features that are also the charm of Tesla over the updates, it remains to be seen how it can be implemented in compliance with AVAS standards, or if it will come in. optional supplement activatable, hopefully, on request.

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