Tesla: we tested the OS 10, its games, its application Netflix and Youtube by car – 01net.com

Although not related to car performance or security settings, Tesla's version 10 software is considered a major update. Indeed, it is the life on board Model S and other Model 3 that this version of the firmware attacks. In addition to some cosmetic additions on the interface and the function "summon" that allows to drive his car a few meters from a parking space to the position of its owner (within the limit of the line of sight of the latter), it is the entertainment functions that have been enriched.

So we tested version 10 of the Tesla OS on a Model S and its huge 17-inch screen. Objective: to judge the integration of different services, be it Spotify, Netflix or Youtube. But also wonder how to consume these media inside an electric car and a Tesla in particular. It's one thing to be able to play two Cuphead in his car, it's another to determine if this feature is purely gadget or if it announces a tangible future for all car manufacturers.

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