Tesla wants to raise a gigantic amount on Wall Street. In a document to the US Stock Market Authorities (SEC), the electric car maker announced plans to raise up to $ 5 billion through a massive share sale program. An amount intended to strengthen its balance sheet, as well as for its general needs. After its surge in recent months, Tesla is already worth more than $ 460 billion on Wall Street.

In mid-August, the manufacturer had indicated that it was going to split its share by five (stock split) on the New York Stock Exchange to make the stock, one of the highest on Wall Street, more accessible to company employees and shareholders. The shareholders already in the capital will keep the amount of their investment, but will have five times more shares. The change was made after the close on August 28. Tesla shares, in high demand for several months on the stock market, to the point that the group's capitalization now crushes that of the largest car manufacturers, ended Monday in New York on a new surge, of 12.57%.

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