Tesla: update on the latest updates and the deployment of superchargers

Tesla update on the latest updates and the deployment of - Tesla: update on the latest updates and the deployment of superchargers

The American brand of electric cars confirms new features on board and on its application, as well as new superchargers and Tesla centers in Europe.

Thanks to its software allowing remote updates, Tesla made a new batch of features and improvements in July 2020. Some customers have already been able to experience these new features, but Tesla only details them this week:

  • Notifications of windows and doors open after 10 minutes on application;
  • Close windows when locking (Model 3 only);
  • Screen view of dynamic suspension adjustments per wheel and new settings (Model S and Model X);
  • Stop lights flashing during sudden braking above 50 km / h;
  • Unlocking the hatch at the end of charging on third-party charging stations;
  • Notification before automatic stop at red lights and Stop in Autopilot (beta);
  • Audible warning when the light turns green;
  • Use of cameras to improve the speed limit indicator.

V3 Superchargers are expanding

The manufacturer also specifies that 272 new superchargers joined the network in the third quarter, including 240 in V3 (up to 250 kW). 72 of them are located in Germany, 42 in the United Kingdom, 36 in Norway, 40 in the Netherlands and 28 in France. In France, these new charging points are divided between Angoulême (16), Sisteron (04) and Les Herbiers (85).

In total, Tesla now has 5,300 charging points in 530 stations. You can of course find these charging points on the official map, or on Chargemap type applications. The brand has also increased its number of Tesla centers (after-sales service). 19 new locations were opened in Europe, including two in France (Lille and Strasbourg).

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