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15,000 is the number of Tesla Model X that are being recalled in North America. The firm has just explained that vehicles produced before mid-October 2016 could be subject to a power steering problem, reports the Electrek site. "Tesla has decided to proactively upgrade a power steering component in certain Model X vehicles. This voluntary recall applies to most Model X vehicles manufactured before mid-October 2016," said the firm, in a mail addressed to the owners of the models concerned.

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If no accident related to this failure has been recorded, Tesla nevertheless claims to have observed "excessive corrosion" of certain bolts in a cold environment. If the latter were to yield, the driver could then lose the power steering function. "This would not prevent the driver from steering the vehicle, but it would take more force to turn the steering wheel, especially during low-speed parking maneuvers," said the automaker, relayed by Electrek.

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Work carried out free of charge

To remedy this problem, Tesla informs the owners of the affected vehicles that the failed bolts will be replaced free of charge and that an anti-corrosion product will be applied. The manufacturer will make an appointment soon with the owners of Model X to carry out this work. Tesla also specifies that in the meantime, drivers can continue to drive their vehicle without danger.

It is not the first time that the Elon Musk firm has issued a voluntary recall of vehicles. In 2018, 123,000 Model S were recalled for similar reasons.

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